Updates on the IAL Class Action

November 3, 2016

We appreciate your interest in this matter.  The named plaintiffs have resolved their individual claims against IAL and the lawsuit has been dismissed.   If you believe that you have any claims arising from the shipment of your personally-owned vehicle, you should submit those to IAL or the Military Claims Office for consideration.


3 thoughts on “Updates on the IAL Class Action

  1. Edward Blakeslee says:

    Same here. It has now (9/8/2014) been 9 weeks since my RDD of 5 July and three weeks since I took physical possession (8/18/2014) of my vehicle at Baltimore VPC. I still have not received any U.S. Customs entry documents which would allow me to register my vehicle here in the U.S.A.. As a result I have had to continue to rent a vehicle out of my own pocket, just so I can get to work.

    I have called IAL’s customer service twice, called Baltimore VPC (voicemail) once, and a Norfolk IAL POC (voicemail) that U.S. Customs provided the number of, to request my entry documents. I have received zero response and IAL’s Claims department has ignored my request for direct pay rental reimbursement while I wait for my documents to be “delivered.”


  2. Hello, I’m a reporter for Live 5 News, the CBS-affiliate in Charleston, South Carolina. Our station is doing a story on IAL and the experiences customers have had with the company. I was wondering if anyone here lives in South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia and would be willing to talk about their experiences with IAL’s shipping. If you’re interested, please email me at wjoy@Live5News.com. Thanks!


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